Dr.B. Karthikeyan

Dr.B. Karthikeyan

Head & Neck Surgeon

MBBS, MS (Otorhinolaryngology & head and neck surgery)


Dr. B. Karthikeyan carries a vast experience in treating head and neck malignancies and lateral skull base tumor's. He did his fellowship in head and neck oncosurgery under Dr.Sultan Pradhan in prince Aly Khan hospital, mumbai. This hospital is a DNB center for surgical oncology, with an enormous load of head and neck oncosurgeries. Following this he did his fellowship in lateral skull base surgery under the world-renowned surgeon Prof Dr.Mario Sanna, at Gruppo Otologico in Italy.

Consultant Head & Neck Surgical Oncology & Lateral Skull Base Surgeon, Fellowship trained in Head & Neck Oncosurgery,  Fellowship trained in Lateral Skull Base surgery



MBBS, MS (Otorhinolaryngology & head and neck surgery)

  • Bachelor of Surgery and Medicine (MBBS) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences: 1998-2003, Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar.
  • Internship: 2003-2004, One-year rotatory internship, Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, Kolar, Karnataka (RGUHS).
  • Master of Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology) from K.L.E University: 01-06-2007 to 31-05-2010, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka (K.L.E University).
  • Clinical Fellowship in Head & Neck Oncosurgery: 15-09-2011 to 31- 09-2013, Trained under internationally acclaimed Surgical Oncologists, Dr.Sultan Ahmed Pradhan.
  • Clinical Fellowship in Lateral Skull base surgery: 01-06-2014 to 31-06-2015,Skull Base Surgery at the Gruppo Otologico, Rome-Piacenza, Italy. Trained under internationally acclaimed skull base surgeon, Prof. Mario Sanna.
  • Fellow of the International Federation for Head and Neck Oncology Society (IFHNOS): 01-10-2015 to 31-10- 2017, Global online fellowship conducted by IFHNOS and Memorial Sloan Katering Cancer Centre (MSKCC), U.S.A. for head and neck oncosurgery.


Professional license

  • Board of Certification: Registered under the Medical Council of India & Tamil Nadu Medical Council, registration number: 91064, issued on the 25thAugust 2010.
  • License to practice: India


University Teaching Experience

  • Resident in Otorhinolaryngology 1-5-2007 to 31-5-2010, 3 years, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, K.L.E University, India.
  • Assistant Professor in Otorhinolaryngology 01-9-2010 to 31-5-2011, 8 months, Kripananda Variyar Medical College, Salem, Vinayaka Mission University, India


Details of teaching experience

I worked as an Assistant Professor & Consultant in the Department of Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, KVMC Salem from 2010-2011. Apart from seeing patients and operating on a schedule, I also undertook teaching assignments both in the Hospital and in the Medical College. Each batch comprised of 150 students for whom I took classes for 30 hours per annum. I also undertook case discussions for the undergraduates and interns during their rotatory clinical postings on a daily basis. I also participated in the postgraduate teaching programme. We had a total of 6 postgraduates in the department at any given point of time in the year. The postgraduate training included 4 hours of classes per week in the mornings from 8-9 am, including case discussions, general clinics, seminars, journal clubs and cadaveric dissections. All staff members attend all the PG teaching programmes. I also helped conduct examinations for UGs and the PGs. As a consultant, I have independently performed approximately 100 mastoidotympanoplasties, 10 facial nerve decompressions, 100 ESS, 2 endoscopic DCRs, 2 endoscopic medial maxillectomies, 3 endoscopic JNA excisions. 


Work Experience

He has experience in treating early glottic and suproglottic tumor's with Co2 LASER. He was a visiting faculty to the department of ENT and Head & Neck surgery at SION and Nair general hospital in mumbai for performing and teaching head and Neck oncosurgery.

He has various publications in national and international journals, He has co-authored three chapters in the next book "Atlas of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck surgery". He has been an organizer in a few national and international workshops.

  •  2013-2014: Consultant, Head and Neck Oncosurgeon, Manipal Hospital, Salem, TN, India.
  •  2015 September to 2016 December: Visiting Consultant, Head and Neck Surgical Oncology and Lateral Skull Base surgeon at
    • Manipal Hospital, Salem, TN.
    • Southern Medical center, Salem, TN.
    • Kurunji Hospital, Coimbatore, TN.
    • Mayo Hospital, Lucknow, UP.


Surgeries performed

  • Mandibulectomy / Composite resection
  • Marginal Mandibulectomy
  • Glossectomy
  • Voice Conservative Larynal Surgery
  • Total Laryngectomy
  • Pharyngectomy
  • Maxillectomy
  • Parapharyngeal tumour excision
  • Orbital tumour Excision
  • Thyroidectomy
  • Parathyroidectomy
  • Tracheal resection and anastomosis
  • Neck dissection
  • Subtotal petrosectomy
  • Lateral temporal bone resection
  • Subtotal temporal bone resection
  • Trans - Otic approach for petrous bone cholesteatoma
  • Infratemporal fossa approaches A,B,C


Details of residency

I did my residency for 3 years in Otorhinolaryngology at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical
College Hospitals, Belgaum which are a tertiary referral center of K.L.E University, One
of India’s top private university. The University offers various Undergraduates,
Postgraduate, Postdoctoral, fellowship and certificate programs in the faculties of
Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy and Nursing. The campus is
very rich and vibrant in terms of having impressive infrastructure, renowned and
extensively experienced teaching faculty, state of the art teaching hospital and medical
research center, having 1820 beds and top notch diagnostic facilities under one roof.
KLE Society was established 100 years ago in the year 1916. It has 8 constituent
institutions that provide over 100 courses across 9 streams viz Medicine, Dentistry,
Engineering, Nursing, Allied Health, Pharmacy, physiotherapy, Ayurveda Medicine.

As a Resident, I performed many surgeries in Ear, Nose and Head & Neck independently.
Our department is a reputed center for treatment of Head & Neck neoplasms and I
independently performed 2 laryngectomies, 5 Neck dissections, 8 thyroidectomies, 2
flap elevations and assisted more than double that number. I independently performed
18 mastoidectomies, 20 tympanoplasties, 3 facial nerve decompressions & 30
tonsillectomies. I have also independently performed 10 FESS and over 100
septoplasties and 100 panendoscopies. During my postgraduation I took theory classes
for undergraduates and interns posted in the department. I attended 5 conferences
during the period and presented a paper in Karnataka State E.N.T Conference.


Details of fellowship training in Head and Neck Onco Surgery


I completed my two-year clinical fellowship in 2013 in Head and Neck Oncosurgery at the Prince Aly Khan Hospital, one of busiest private cancer center in India. Led by Dr.Sultan Ahmed Pradhan, the person who introduced Head & Neck Onco surgery as separate entity during the days of domination by general surgical oncology in India. He also introduced voice conservation surgeries for laryngeal malignancies and gastric pullups in India. The Prince Aly Khan Hospital is a Diplomat of National Board (D.N.B) center for surgical oncology. This center has performed the largest series of Trans Oral Laser Surgeries for glottic, supra glottic and pyriform sinus cancers in India. The Centre gets approximately 14500 head and neck cancer cases as outpatients every year. Annually around 1350 major head & neck surgical procedures are done. Close to 600 cases of trans oral laser surgeries are done every year, which is the largest number for any cancer center in the country. Another 480 cases of other day care procedures like DL scopy, EUA are done every year. Dr.Sultan.Ahmed.Pradhan has published 1 internationally acclaimed textbook on voice conservation surgeries. He is an internationally acclaimed surgeon-par excellence.

At the Prince Aly Khan Hospital I was trained in head and neck onco surgery. During my training period, I did oral procedures like commando - 177, marginal mandibulectomy -33, wide excision buccal mucosa (103), and tongue major & minor-92. Para nasal sinus: Maxillectomy (partial & total)- 32, thyroidectomy-59, para thyroidectomy-10. Larynx: Total laryngectomy-66, near total laryngectomy-7, partial laryngectomy-17. Parotid: Parotidectomy-28, Neck dissection alone for controlled primaries-60. Other procedures-22. The total number of procedures done independently is 713. During my second year of training programme I started visiting two Government general hospitals as visiting faculty to train the ENT department surgeons in head and neck oncosurgery. This was part of the out reach programme of Prince Aly Khan hospital to train ENT surgeons in head and neck oncosurgery.

In our department we had regular academic activities like case presentation, seminars, guest lectures and also we used to take classes in oncology for Postgraduate students from different medical colleges bimonthly. During my stay I had co authored three chapters in a textbook titled “Atlas of operative otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery”. I also helped my teacher in editing his second edition textbook on voice conservation surgeries. I also wrote a research paper during this period. I also was part of the organizing team for three workshops. Two of which are international workshop involving Prof Dr.Philippe Monnier from University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He is pioneer in head and neck surgery and airway surgeries.


Details of fellowship training in Skull Base Surgery


I completed my one-year clinical fellowship in 2015 in Skull Base Surgery at the Gruppo Otologico, the most prestigious center in the world in this specialty. The Gruppo Otologico is the premier center in the world for skull base surgery, advanced otology and implantology (cochlear, middle ear and auditory brain stem implants) led by the legendary Prof. Mario Sanna, who is considered as the Father of modern Lateral Skull Base Surgery. This center has performed the largest series of lateral skull base surgeries in the world (over 5000 skull base surgeries, 35,000 middle ear surgeries and 1000 implants). More than 500 peer reviewed research articles and 15 internationally acclaimed text books have been published by the Gruppo Otologico. Prof. Mario Sanna is an internationally acclaimed surgeon-par excellence and is a sought after speaker at most international conferences in the specialty.

At the Gruppo Otologico I was trained in Lateral skull base surgery including treatment for all skull base tumors like paragangliomas, acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, petrous bone cholesteatoma and temporal bone carcinomas; At the Gruppo Otologico, I independently performed over 10 translabyrinthine approaches and assisted over 50 skull base procedures including translabyrinthine approaches, infratemporal fossa approaches, transcochlear approaches, subtotal petrosectomies and facial nerve grafting. I also performed over 20 temporal bone dissections in the state-of-the-art dissection lab at the Gruppo Otologico and practiced all types of skull base surgeries.

I also wrote a research paper on the outcome of facial nerve grafting in lateral skull base surgery, which has been accepted for publication in journal of neurosurgery. This is the largest series reported for facial nerve grafting in the world. I have also been working on couple of more articles in lateral skull base surgery.


Areas of sub specialization / interest

  • Head & Neck Oncosurgery
  • Lateral Skull Base Surgery


Surgical proficiency

  • Head & Neck surgery – Glossectomies, Total and partial laryngectomy,maxillectomy,mandibulectomy,parotidectomy, thyroidectomy, gastric pull up, neck dissection, transoral laser microsurgery, pedicled flaps.
  • Lateral Skull base surgery – translabyrinthine/transotic/transcochlear approaches, subtemporal bone resection and infratemporal fossa approaches.
  • Endoscopic skull base –endoscopic JNA excision, endoscopic medial maxillectomy,


Instrumental proficiency

  • 0, 30, 45 degree nasal endoscopes
  • S 21 & Pico Zeiss Microscopes
  • All rigid scopes including Steiner’s distendable oropharyngo/laryngoscopes for TOLR
  • Co2 laser
  • Facial nerve monitors


Scientific paper publications in chronological order

  • Original Report “XIAP inhibits gentamicin-induced hair cell damage and ototoxicity through the caspase-3/9 pathway” Biochemical Pharmacology, Volume 186,2021,114513.
  • Case Report “Rare instances of long-term recurrence in two cases of vestibular schwannoma after total tumor removal (13 and 16 years after surgery)”. Orissa Journal of Otolaryngology and Head Neck Surgery. 12. 1- 4. 10.21176/ojolhns.2018.12.1.1.
  • Original report “surgical technique and sural nerve cable graft interpositioning of the facial nerve in lateral skull base surgery: The Gruppo Otologico experience in 213 consecutive cases”. Published online April 7, 2017; DOI 10.3171/2016.9.JNS 16997.
  • Editorial Review “surgical technique and sural nerve cable graft interpositioning of the facial nerve in lateral skull base surgery”. Published online April 7, 2017; DOI 10.3171/2016.10.JNS 162354
  • How I Do It “Management of post operative high output salivary fistulas in head and neck surgeries” International Journal of head and neck surgery, January-April 2013;4 (1):59-60.
  • Review article “Role of angiogenetic markers to predict neck node metastasis in head and neck cancers” J Cancer Res Ther – April-June 2010 – volume6-issue 2.


Chapters in books

  • Co-authored a chapter on “Transoral Microlaryngoscopic LASER surgery for cancer of larynx and hypopharynx”, in textbook of “Atlas of operative otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery.
  • Co-authored a chapter on “Transoral LASER assisted Open Vertical Partial Laryngectomy”, in textbook of “Atlas of operative otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery”.
  • Co-authored a chapter on “Lip reconstruction”, in textbook of “Atlas of operative otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery”.


Organizational responsibilities in conferences/workshops

  • “LION 2008” Live International Otology Network, Belgaum, Karnataka.
  • “International workshop on laryngotracheal airway problems” Prince Aly Khan hospital, 2012, Mumbai.
  • National workshop on Transoral Laser Surgeries in cancer of larynx and hypopharynx” Prince Aly Khan hospital, Mumbai.
  • “International workshop on laryngotracheal airway problems” Prince Aly Khan hospital, 2013, Mumbai



Spirituality, religion, history, travelling, computers, music, playing cricket.



  • Prof. Mario Sanna MD Formerly Professor and Chairman of Otolaryngology Clinic, University of Chieti, Chieti, Italy Director & Chairman, Gruppo Otologico, c/o Casa di Cura Piacenza spa Via Emmanueli, 42 Piacenza, Italy 29121 Tel: 0523.754362- 0523.711340, Fax 0523 453708 Email: mario.sanna@gruppootologico.it www.gruppootologico.com, www.gruppootologico.it
  • Dr.Sultan Ahmed Pradhan Chief of Oncology, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mazgaon Mumbai 400 010, India. Tel:+912223777919, Fax:+9122 23743820, Email: sultanpradhan@gmail.com . website www.agakhanhospitals.org/mumbai/


Timings & Appointments

10:00 AM - 07:00 PM